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Our platform helps you write better than your direct competitors, surface important keyword clusters, fill content gaps, answer questions, discover new article ideas, and more.

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Small bloggers

Small bloggers

Our SEO content tools help niche bloggers, occasional publishers, and freelancers improve their content scores.

SEO experts

SEO experts

Whether you are an in-house content editor or SEO specialist, we help you increase your topical authority with minimal effort.

Editorial teams

Editorial teams

Digital agencies and large editorial teams take full advantage of our SEO software suite to 10x their old and new blog content.

Analyze blog articles. Quickly.

  • [object Object]View any blog post with a search engine's eyes
  • [object Object]List important keywords for your future articles
  • [object Object]Dissect any competitor's top-ranking articles

Analyze your content to see what search engines see. Also analyze competitors' pillar pages to steal their positions. Finally, analyze top ranking pages during the research phase when writing new articles.

Improve existing content. Fill gaps and clusters.

  • [object Object]Upgrade content via related questions and phrases
  • [object Object]Find gaps between your articles and others
  • [object Object]See missing coverage in a group of articles

Use our grouped analyzer and content gaps finder to upgrade your pages with low rankings. Visualize what competiting pages use as supporting and secondary keywords. Add them to your own posts and boost rankings.

Outrank direct competitors. With better content.

  • [object Object]Suffocate competitors by targeting their keywords
  • [object Object]Write better articles to rank higher than them
  • [object Object]Fill gaps between their articles and yours

Be reactive to what your competitors are publishing. Target their primary keywords and sufficote them with 10x content and pillar pages. Discover and fix keyword gaps between their pages and yours.

Discover new content ideas. Topics, Phrases & Questions.

  • [object Object]Dominate Featured Snippets with real questions
  • [object Object]Find related concepts on our topicgraph
  • [object Object]Surface LSI terms to use for topical authority

Use our always-updated knowledge graph with millions of interconnected topics, phrases, questions, and entities. Quickly see supporting, LSI, and co-occurring terms to a core topic of yours.

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Does Publishing Content Often Help With Topical Authority?

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