a Topical SEO Agency

At topicseed, we are devoted to a topical approach to SEO. We build industry-specific and work Title.custom SEO tools to automate your content team's work .

We are based in London, England. We work with clients around the globe – remotely and in person!

Our pricing is tailored to your project. We start from £2,000.00. Get in touch!

1. Strategy

Strategy is boring and not-so-fun. Yet, strategizing in SEO is required to remain focused, and result-driven. High-performing SEO and content plans are all about auditing the current situation, researching the topics, and prepare a concrete plan of action.

  1. Audit
    • we understand what you're awesome at and why
    • we identify areas where you're hurting yourself
    • we analyse your technical SEO and backlink profile
  2. Research
    • we master your topics of expertise
    • we study the competition's strengths and weaknesses
    • we compile valuable data points for the brand's strategy
  3. Planning
    • we set business goals, deliverables, and milestones
    • we draft an ambitious timeline and resource list
    • we list action items and instructioons

2. Implementation

Acting on your topical SEO strategy means create a lot of detailed content briefs as well as assigning them to impecable content writers. Finally, we look after your old content in order to upgrade its quality.

  1. Content Briefing
    • we explain clearly each article's goal and search intent
    • we prepare a well-crafted keyword-focused outline
    • we provide high-quality resources for writers
  2. Content Writing
    • we cover each article's topic with expert depth
    • we format the content with on-page optimizations
    • we make use of internal and external links
  3. Content Maintenance
    • we update and improve under-performing articles
    • we merge thin content to relevant pieces
    • we delete outdated and penalized pages

3. Automation

Humans are slow and inconsistent when performing repetitive tasks. We build custom-made SEO tools and scripts for your marketing and editorial teams. Our tools enable them get a lot more done, faster.

  1. Custom SEO Tooling
    • we engineer bespoke search engine optimisation software
    • we build data mining scripts to write about what ranks
    • we develop realtime dashboards
  2. Natural Language Processing
    • we analyze your content library
    • we build a private internal knowledge graph
    • we setup natural language tools for teams
  3. Architecture & Technology
    • we assist with cloud architecture
    • we recommend managed services
    • we include SEO in migration plans