Case Studies

seo case studies (hero)

Each team member lives and breathes SEO, so much so that we also have websites we own that we’re happy to demonstrate the results of our high-performance SEO methods.

Kindly note that our online reputation management work is fully private.

IGaming SEO Case Study – BETANDBEAT


  • #1 for over 500 keywords
  • 0 to 4,000+ page views within a year
  • Completely bootstrapped
Traffic growth from early days to the end of 2022.

An online gambling content website that we brought from 0 to 4,000+ daily page views using a massive focus on a targeted content strategy. This website is within one of the most competitive fields in SEO and has already outranked very established brands and publishers for money-making keywords.

Online gambling SEO is challenging. But, as always, targeting the right keywords and preparing amazing pieces of content that focus on the topics at hand works. We are constantly improving old content to remain competitive and worked on internal linking to push important pages higher in the SERPS.

Against titans, some even listed on the stock exchange, we have eaten a big chunk of their organic traffic pies. So if you are in the iGaming space, we can help you – we’ve done it for our very own site!

How have we done it?

  • Multiple verticals and silos
  • Published dozens of pillar pages
  • Created supporting content
  • Light off-page effort to raise domain awareness
  • Continuous improvements and internal linking

Affiliate Pet Website Case Study – BREEDING BUSINESS


  • £7,000,000+ of sales revenue generated
  • 3,000,000+ pages views per year
  • 1,000+ articles published

Started in 2015, BREEDING BUSINESS is an informational website educating dog owners one article at a time. Over the years, the online pet affiliate market has become incredibly competitive with changing Google algorithmic trends and multiple Google Product Updates.

With over £7,000,000 of revenue generated for promoted brands and products, we have ensured BREEDING BUSINESS remains a lead generation machine for pet brands and e-commerce platforms and a trusted source of information for pet lovers.

How have we done it?

  • Scaled the content production team from 1 to 15 people
  • Strict editorial pipeline and QA process
  • Natural backlinks through comprehensive pages
  • Varied content for different revenue streams:
    • advertising,
    • affiliate commissions, and
    • info products.