Editors, writers, strategists and SEO marketers use topicseed as a suite of SEO content tools to grow topical authority and outrank competing pages. Our wealth of features is put together in a clean and snappy interface.

Content Analyzer (topicseed feature)

Content Analyzer

Peform advanced content analyses of blog posts within seconds powered by natural language processing and machine learning. Analyze hundreds of articles within seconds and conduct SEO audits on your own website, or your competition.

View a document's main topics, key phrases, advanced sentiment analysis, syntax patterns, outlines, and more.

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Instant Analyzer (topicseed feature)

Instant Analyzer

Analyze blog posts on the spot using the Instant Analyzer to yield simpler results but nearly instantaneously.

Enter any web address to visualize the blog post's outline, keyword clusters, and key phrases.

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Content Library (topicseed feature)

Content Library

All your documents that have been analyzed are stored in your content library. Retrieve specific documents using our powerful filtering system.

Adding blog articles to your library allows you to find content gaps between different posts analyzed (e.g. a blog post on your site, and one outranking you).

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Content Gaps (topicseed feature)

Content Gaps

Compare two or more documents to quickly find and fix missing keywords in your blog content.

Outrank competing pages by enriching existing blog posts' keyword universes by adding related keywords that are not currently present.

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topicgraph (topicseed feature)


Our always-updated topicgraph contains millions of interconnected entities such as topics and associated key phrases.

Increase your topical authority by focusing on both topic depth and topic breadth. Cover your core topics by targeting every single sub-topic, keyword, and question. Then, cover closely related topics to find new content opportunities.

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Questions (topicseed feature)


Discover long lists of questions people search for online for a given keyword or topic.

Targets important questions to appear in Featured Snippets on Google Search results (i.e. Position Zero). Update existing content by adding FAQs. Use broad questions as new blog post ideas.

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Search Volumes (topicseed feature)

Search Volumes

Prioritize key phrases we show you thanks to our estimated monthly search volume data.

Find a balance of competitiveness and searche volume for your future article ideas, and bundle several keyword together to form a promising content cluster.

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Content Briefs (topicseed feature)

Content Briefs

Create a content brief for every important future blog post. Add blocks to form an outline so writers get clear instructions.

Improve your overall content quality score by adding target keywords for each brief, but also for each block.

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